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Five Month Break

 So what happens when you take a five month break from eating right? Well first hand experience says you climb back from being 205lbs to tipping the scale at 230lbs.  Your blood pressure climbs back to 165/118.  You feel lousy most of the time. You become depressed because you had been doing so well and now you are right back to where you started from.

Photograph:Start of a women's 100-metre sprintWhy  does someone let himself slide? Not sure it is an easy answer. Home life gets goofy, stress at work climbs, the focus on what not to eat, or what to eat, gets old and you don"t feel like being disciplined.  Beer looks and tastes really good.  I am one who likes to experience life and enjoy all it has to offer. Not eating what you want goes against that philosophy.  However, so does dying early.  I find myself being tired, unable to do all that I want with my kids, having difficulty tying my shoes, and watching my jeans leave marks from being so tight.  I've got to change.

The title of this blog is One Man's Battle. I am learning that this has always been a battle for me. A life long battle.  Today I jumped back on South Beach.  Day one of a strict 2 weeks.  I only made it 5 weeks last time, so here is to making it six weeks.