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Seasonal Weight Loss

Just like the earth goes through its round of seasons each year, I have found that we as people do as well.  4seasons.gifLiving in the Pacific Northwest, many go through cycles of depression due to the dark rainy weather.  As the sun shines more  moods become brighter as well.  For me, there is something about spring that triggers a desire to focus on my health, to get outside and be active, to consider the way I look and treat myself.  As a result in April I once again began a focus on changing my lifestyle.  The way I drink, eat, sleep, deal with stress, etc...  All of these play into a healthy lifestyle.  So far I have been very successful. For some reason in the spring it is easy for me to focus and be successful. As summer starts to swing into gear, the summer parties with beer, chips, dips, and all the other unhealthy great tasting food easily knock me off track.  Then it is the seasonal food of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years that keeps me from getting back in gear.

To be successful, it is more about the upcoming seasons I will be facing, then about the current season I am in.  The excitement of losing weight and looking better each day is motivating.  It is what happens when I plateau, and others are enjoying those foods that I used to crave that I need to figure out.  So when I say I am looking forward to summer, it is in a whole new way. 

Wishing you success in this season.