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The Battle Continues

As life would have it, you win a battle, but sometimes the war continues. A year ago I was feeling really good about where I was with my battle in terms of personal well being. My relationships were going well, my weight was coming down, work was a challenge, but when isn’t it, emotionally I was ok, and then overnight life changed.  I few issues in life hit me sideways and every area of my life was spinning.  Diet didn’t matter, holding onto relationships was consuming, stress off the charts, and the realization that I needed to figure me out was a huge one.  While One Man’s Battle started out as the struggle of weight loss, it has become the struggle of life.  Of seeing life for what it is. Of managing the things you can manage, and going along for the ride with the rest of it.  A year later the struggles are still there, but I am slowly coming out of it. a $90 and hour best friend who is paid to listen and help you process has been a great help.  A wife who is willing to stick with you in the midst of life’s struggles is absolutely necessary (at least for me).  And, we relational issues moving in a good direction, work going well again, it is time to focus back on diet and the other issues that affect health and well being.  So….. here I am again, starting over, but with lessons learned from last time.  I stepped on the scale at 230lbs last week.  Dusted of the Southbeach diet and started reading about my need to get my blood work back in line.  I vowed to get up at 5am (if you know me that is insanity) and head to the 24 hour fitness, and have started lifting weights again and doing Cardio.  So far I am down four pounds in six days, but tomorrow is the official weigh in.  I will once again start blogging about the struggles involved.  If you would like to learn about more of the – inside my head issues take a look at my other blog http://deeplookinward.blogspot.com/.

Happy Battling


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