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P90X - Day 60

Sixty days of P90X are in the books. I have faithfully been at it everyday with the exception of 1. But I made it up by working out twice the next day.  I have been sore, at times discouraged, but mostly I have felt great about myself.  I debated about putting pictures up on this page do to embarrassment of how out of control I had gotten. Yet on the other hand I have worked hard for two months and have some great results to show.  So take a look at what can be accomplished when you "Do Your Best, and Forget the Rest." Thirty days left and there is no way I won't make it to the end.

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Anonymous said...

Wow Rick,

You do look amazing. Thanks for posting the pictures, there is definitely no reason to be embarrassed. I will not be messing with you this summer at all. Are you having to buy a whole new wardrobe? Good job and good luck for the last thirty days.