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The Beginning

For years I have walked by the mirror and thought to myself, "I don't look half bad. Pull in my stomach, sinch up the belt, and I am ok." Last week all the sucking it in didn't do the trick. I realized that bending down is tougher, the shirts hang away from my body, and I am not happy with that. I have stayed away from the scale for fear of what it might really reveal, and while I only weight around 230, and have for the last three years, it is all starting to look different on me. What is happening? Change in job - that has led to more stress and less time (I am a stress eater, so this is a problem). Less active - I am not out playing soccer, climbing mountains, or surfing, like I used to. Eating on the go - I am not being proactive with what I eat, instead I allow myself to be a victim of what is available or close by, like McD's or Taco Bell. So, my goal is to move back towards health. It is not about dieting, or exercise, or less stress, or less drink, or, or, or. It is about being healthy, and for me being healthy is a battle. Everything around me trys to draw me towards unhealthyness. If I am going to become healthy I have to change the way I look at myself, the world around me, and fight for what I want to be. A healthier, more energetic, fit, me. One who walks by the mirror and sees himself for who he really is. This is one man's battle and I would love to have others join me in it.

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