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Which Exercise is Best?

Deciding to live healthy involves a number of things. One obvious area is exercise. The experts out there tell us it helps reduce stress, burns calories, helps our minds stay sharp, keeps us fit, and a number of other great benefits to numerous to list. So, sold on the idea that I need to exercise I am hit with a huge dilemma..... which exercise is right for me? There is swimming, running, tennis, basketball, karate, cycling, lifting, dancing, you name it, its out there. Team sports or individual, indoor or outdoor, expensive or low budget, there are many different choices out there.

My process of deciding started with asking the question "What have I enjoyed doing in the past?" The idea is simple, if I enjoyed it before I might like it again. If I hated it, I probably won't like it the second time around either. If this is your first attempt at anything, then a good question might be, "What looks like fun?" Again, we are all different, for me it needs an aspect of fun or adventure my wife just needs it to accomplish the desired goal. This leads us to the second thing to think about, what is the desired goal? I have two, I need to lose about 50lbs, and I want to be fit enough to keep up with my wife as we are out hiking or doing things together. Third is what can I afford? Do I join a club, do I want expensive gear? Finally is the idea of how easy is it to do related to my schedule. Can I do it anytime, anywhere, or do I have to be someplace at a set time. I landed on something that was very flexible, didn't cost, I doesn't require me to go anywhere, and is something I have done in the past. For between $65 and $115 you can buy a great pair of running shoes and hit the trails. You set the time, and if you want to do it with others there are plenty of runners out there. I may have to start slow, but battles are won by those who stay in the fight until it is over.

Time to put on my shoes and go.

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Anonymous said...

I'm with you, finding an exercise that adds to your life instead of taking away is a must. I can't imagine being locked to a specific place or time. I have to be able to exercise on the road, in the dark, on weekends, whenever the urge hits. I to have chosen running. Can't think of anything more flexible.