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Self Care

Recently I have been considering the idea of Self Care. For most of my life I would have considered self care to be selfish or self serving. For some, depending on the home they grew up in, it might even be considered as sinful. However, in this fast paced, life draining world that we live in, a world that wants more from you in every way, we must find ways to some how nurture ourselves.

The act of finding space to rejuvenate, to focus on what personally is needed to be restored, to breathe and feel, I believe is the start of self care. Without a focus on ourselves and what is personally needed to continue growing and thriving, we cease to exist. We might occupy space and be present, but we cease to be an individual who is able to contribute based on the uniqueness that each one of us brings. Today as I allow myself to relax and just enjoy a day of doing nothing more than what I want and desire, I am caring for myself. At some level it seems wrong for me to focus on me, but at the same time I feel better because of it.

If as you read this you find that you have no idea what you might need or want (I can identify), take a look at this list of 100 Extreme Self Care Ideas that I found. Pick one or two and see what kind of difference it make. Sometimes the battle is just to take care of yourself.

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