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Blood Pressure Woes- Reduce Naturally

As a kid growing up, I remember my dad constantly having to take pills.  As I got older learned that they were for his blood pressure.  He would complain about the cost of the pills, he would try to lose weight, he would start to exercise and then quit.  What I remember saying to myself, was that I would never go on blood pressure medication.

As a result of my saying that, I avoided the doctors office for almost ten years.  I was putting on weight, I was feeling fatigued, and all I could picture in my mind was my dad and his pills.  After much insistence from those who love me, I reluctantly made and appointment and went in.  I was told I needed to lose weight, that I was at risk for diabetes, and that I had - HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE.  I knew it was coming, I had avoided it as long as I could.  The solution according to the doctor was Blood Pressure Medication to solve the immediate concern, and then to lose weight, exercise, and to become healthy.  I have done as he requested regarding the medication, I have tried to diet a few times, and I start and stop exercise all the time. I sound just like my dad. However, there are now alternatives that were missing when my dad was still alive, and that is Natural Ways to reduce Blood Pressure.  Ways to lower the numbers without filling yourself with medications.  If you are looking for Natural Ways to reduce your blood pressure check out this program by Mike Grafstein.  In my battle I am trying to find ways everyday to win without pills, surgery, or other non natural ways. Let me know if you are successful in your battle.

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