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Thanksgiving Weight Gain isn't Our Real Problem

Thanksgiving has come and gone, and with it a few extra pounds.  Listening to my car radio Friday, Oregon Public Broadcasting ran a feature stating that you shouldn't worry about the pounds you may have put on during the Thanksgiving meal.  The dietitian they were interviewing stated that the Turkey was mainly protein and fat, the potatoes were carbs and fat, the pumpkin pie was carbs and fat, and on he went.  What caught my attention was a statement he made part way through the interview.  He said what we should all be worrying about is not the quick pounds, but the one or two pounds that we put on each year.  He said the quick weight will come off quickly by just going back to our normal routine.  It is the routine that causes us to gain weight slowly over time that we should all worry about.

My long term routine has had the impact of adding about 2 pounds a year over the last 25 years.  That is 50 pounds of gaining weight over time.  My routine just keeps adding and adding.  With it comes high blood pressure and the potential for Type II Diabetes.  That wasn't my plan as I graduated college and started my career.  As a result I find myself once again starting on my yearly weight loss plan.  Most recently I have come across a few plans that sound promising.  I will be taking a closer look at one I recently came across on the internet.  You can check it out if you Click Here!  I have grown tired of South Beach Diet and want to try something different even though I have been successful on SB over the years. I would be interested in hearing what diet you have tried with success. I will continue to battle on.

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