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SouthBeach Diet Week 5

I am looking back over another week.  I wish I could say I am farther along than I am, but I have to remember my ultimate goal is long term and not immediate (although immediate would be very nice).  My scale was bouncing around the 216lbs – 217lbs mark.  Starting out five weeks ago at 230+lbs, I am down at least 14.  Just about 3 lbs a week.  If I keep up 2 lbs a week or 8 lbs a month, that will have me arriving at my goal of 178lbs sometime around June or July.  It is worth the battle. 

This week more than others I found myself focusing on the things I shouldn’t have, like excessive beer, chips and salsa, lots of bread, diet pop, quick easy food.  The interesting thing about it, was I wasn’t craving them, I was just aware of the fact that I should be careful of them.  My wife made split pea soup, and my son made refried pinto beans (without refrying them).  These were both very good, but I recognized from SouthBeach, that the cooking process would send it right to the blood stream as they are easy to digest.  I have figured out how to use spices like fresh Rosemary, Basil, etc…. and various peppers, to make vegetables and other foods taste great.  The biggest challenge for me is making the time to eat healthy.  I would much rather do something quick and easy, or eat a candy bar instead of nuts or a cheese stick.  So I have to think ahead.  I have to make my salad for lunch when I make breakfast.  I’d rather not, but as I get into the habit, it is becoming easier.

The other habit that is becoming easier is that of getting exercise.  I have been getting to the gym around 5:30am and actually have started enjoying it.  I can watch the news, listen to music, and when I get home, I feel good about myself and what I am doing.  I am averaging 5 days a week, and lifting weights on three of those days.  So maybe part of my slow weight loss is due to the fact that I am adding muscle while losing fat.

I am still pudgy around the middle, saggy in other areas, but I did notice, the love handles are much smaller.  I may start taking pictures again like I did a few years back when I started this blog, as a way of showing myself the visible progress I am making.  The hard part is that the changes never happen as quickly as I would like.  Here is to continuing the Battle, despite its slow pace.  Good luck to you.


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