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Taking It a Day at a Time

This afternoon I was sitting around the house trying to figure out how to use my time. Typically on a Sunday I would turn on the TV, grab some chips out of the cupboard, some salsa, and settle in on the couch. However, today I was thinking that I need to start changing the way I look at my time. After all, lately as I look in the mirror I am not liking what I see. I got that way by grabbing the chips and salsa, turning on the TV, and taking my place on the couch. Today would be different, it would be a chance for me to do it right. To do something that would make a difference. Maybe I won”t feel any better today, but a year, five years, maybe ten years from now, I will be glad I broke the cycle and did something different with my Sunday afternoon. Here’s to getting older. How did you spend your Sunday???

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