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A Change in Focus

Sitting at home tonight I began to reflect upon my day. My work as a nursing home administrator puts me in many meeting, talking with many residents and families, dealing with staff, planning, problem solving, etc… Tonight however, I am not thinking about those things, rather a conversation I had today. In the discussion my friend was describing his overcoming an issue. When I asked what he thought was the reason for it going well he simply said, “I had to stop thinking about what I could no longer do and instead start thinking about living.” How simple and how profound at the same time.

Rather than thinking about all the foods I can no longer eat, I can focus on the things I am able to do as I continue to lose weight. Instead of thinking about having to stop sleeping in, I can instead focus on experiencing life in new ways (running, going to the gym, riding a bike, etc…) I might stop thinking about all I am giving up and instead start focusing on all that I will be gaining.

The battle is tough enough, but a simple change in thinking may make all the difference. It seems logical that we pursue the things we are focused on. If I focus on what I can’t have, or do, I am setting myself up for failure. Instead focusing on the outcome, the finished product, the end goal, I am more likely to get there. Learn from my friend and stop thinking about what you can no longer do, and instead start thinking about living right. Still fighting the battle.

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