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My Biggest Dieting Obstacle

We all have obstacles that keep us from pursuing or achieving our goals. We point the finger at other people, circumstances, gender, family of origin, you name it we have probably heard it used as an obstacle for achieving. Examples in my life include, "If I had more money I could drive the car I wanted" "If I had started sooner I could have owned my own business." I call it the IF ONLY SYNDROME. When I realize I am stuck in that syndrome, I realize that the real obstacle isn't the money, or the time, or the...., the real obstacle is me. I will admit there are legitimate obstacles that might keep us from getting to where we want to go, but in my experience, most of my perceived obsticles really have to do with excuses that I make up to justify my giving up.

This is so true of Dieting and Me. I have had some great runs at weight loss with the South Beach Diet. I have dropped many pounds with nothing more than exercise. I have often been heard to blame the fact that I am as heavy today as I have ever been, on how South Beach is unrealistic for the long haul, or that no one could really exercise 45 minutes a day 5 times a week. Today I am blaming all the Christmas Parties and Cookies that others put in front of me and make me eat. The reality is that I choose not to stay on the South Beach Diet Plan because I value something else more than being at 175 lbs. I would rather enjoy eating vast amounts of tasty food than insure my health. I would rather relax, or watch tv, than go to the gym. The reality is I am making choices every day to not reach my goal. I sabotage myself. If I am ever to achieve my goal of weight loss, I have got to come to grips with the fact that it is not others, or circumstances, or unfortunate events that keep me from my goal, it is more than likely me. Once again my biggest obstacle is me. I am my biggest battle. Here is to getting it right. May your battle be easy.

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