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Painful Heartburn - What can I do

Last week was a tough week at work.  When the pressure is on and time is short I stop thinking about what I am putting into my mouth and just keep going.  The things I tend to grab are items that take no prep. Through their good taste provide comfort, and in the end make me wish I had thought things through a little more.  On one afternoon, I headed out of my office for a quick break.  One of my employees, who loves to cook with hot peppers (he grows his own), was there with chips and a fiery salsa he had cooked up at home.  Not being in the best state of mind I started right in.  I must say it was awesome, and I love the way the heat slowly built up over time.  I loved it until, that night as I was trying to drift off to sleep a familiar fire started to burn in my chest. Drinking water, burping, and changing position had no impact.  I would drift off to sleep, only to wake back up on fire.  It continued into the next day.  I have never experienced heartburn like that before.  As usual I started looking for help on the internet.  WebMD, Wikipedia, all had their various ideas.  I eventually came across a web sight called "Tipnut." You should check out the link.  What I was interested in where the ideas for home remedy. The remedy that worked for me was Peppermint Tea.  It was all we had in the house at the time, but it worked, and that is all that mattered

Things I learned through this:
  • I would rather eat smart than go through the pain
  • There are preventative steps you can take - most important is knowing yourself.
  • Better to start trying to reduce the effects of heartburn as soon as you notice it, than to let it continue to build unchecked.
  • Sometimes it can take 12 hours to clear (that is for me this time around)
  • Comfort from stress can sometimes lead to discomfort in other areas.
Be smart.  Heartburn is no fun when it hits full blown.

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