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PX90 - This years resolution

I have been looking for a weight loss program or workout program for over a year now.  I have tried South Beach Diet, with really good success, I have a 24 hour fitness membership, but I get going and then I stall.  I love to see quick results, but sustaining something over time has always proved the challenge for me.  As I realized a long time ago, something has got to change, and that something is me.  A few things that I realize as we head into 2011:
  • I will be turning 48 this year - that seems really old, but it doesn't have to be.
  • I weighed 236 lbs as I stepped on the scale yesterday morning, that makes me obese.
  • I know what it means to eat healthy and smart but I chose unhealthy and stupid
  • My job is full of stress and it will only increase not decrease
  • I have stopped doing some of the things I enjoyed doing because I am out of shape.
  • My self esteem is affected by all of the above
So my goal is to be in better shape when I hit 48 this June, to weigh less at my Birthday this year than I did last year, and to do something that I can sustain when the days get warmer, when BBQs start being the weekend norm, when beer starts to flow more often than water.  I figure I have to figure out healthy living before I get to fifty, or I may have a much shorter life than I am planning on having.  

Having tried a few things over the past few years, I have listened to friends talk about Medifast, I have watched them bomb out on Atkins Diet.  But I have been intrigued by a few people I know who have tried PX90.  My son and daughter in law, cousins, etc...  I am intrigued at how many complete the program and then go back for another round.  Most of them don't talk about the weight loss, although that happens, instead they talk about how much better they feel, their strength and energy.  There are many testimonials out there, I have not found any that say it is a sham.  So today I have signed up for PX90, asked for my free resistance band, and will start following their diet.  Should be here in 5 days or less.  If I push I could by half way through my second round by my birthday.  I am doing it for weight loss, energy, self esteem, and to feel younger.  I'll keep you posted on how I am doing.

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