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P90X Day 11 -

I'll admit it, I have been a couch potato for the last 17 years of my life.  I surf a little, I ski a little, some years I try jogging, some years I try soccer.  But for the most part, I enjoy tortilla chips, salsa, the couch and the tv.  And, I can't forget to mention beer, who could resist all the Oregon Micro Brews.  As a result I have made a long climb from 178 pounds in 1985 to 236 pounds at the start of 2011.  That is 48 pounds in 16 years, or 2 to 3 pounds a year. It happened slowly, just crept up on me.  Actually it surprised me when I really took a look at it.  So I decided to take a different path.  I realized I needed to do something dramatic to get moving in the right direction.  With the gain of weight has come blood pressure medication, the inability to do as much physical activity as I want (even though I am still pretty active, its just not as easy), and a hard time bending over in the middle. Not the way I want to live the next half of my life.

So, after watching a few infomercials, talking to a few friends, and knowing I needed something to kick start by sorry ass, I have begun P90X.  I figured extreme is what I needed to make a 180 degree turn in direction (as well as get down to 180 lbs.)  As I type today my chest hurts, I feel lame because yoga is not my thing, but I am relaxed and already seeing my fitness improve.  I have never done more push ups on my knees, but I am going to keep doing them until I can do as many normal push ups as the guys in the video.  I can keep up on the shoulders, I'm not doing pull ups and instead using the bands.  Not sure I could pull up 230 pounds more than once if I had to. I almost stayed up for all the plyometrics the second week, and I can tell you it will probably take me all 90 days to get to the point were I can do the yoga and actually bend and balance to the point I feel like I can say I do yoga.

The hardest part so far is the amount of time.  Most workouts are more than 50 minutes and yoga is much longer.  Lucky for me I started as soon as I got the CDs, without thinking and yoga lands on a Saturday.  I have to get up at 5:30 in the morning which is also a huge change in lifestyle for me.  But I figure I have 17 years staying up late, sleeping in, eating junk, and basically not doing what I need to do for me.  I should probably plan on spending most of the next 17 years working out, eating right, and thinking long term instead of immediate gratification.  At this point I am 11 day in with 79 left to go.  In this Man's Battle I am determined not to be beat.  If you want to partner up for encouragement or to share stories just leave a comment. Here is looking to April 4th, my 90th day.

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