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P90X Day 28 - Still at it

Yep - I am still at it 28 days later.  Its a Sunday, I pulled the short straw and am weekend manager so it is up at 5:30am.  So far so good.  I am almost through the recovery week and the change of pace is welcome.  Week three was the toughest so far.  My muscles just seemed tired.  Everything was harder to do.  But I am motivated to keep it going.  I am down 15 pounds which is a great motivator.  Two more pounds and I am no longer Obese, just overweight.  I guess I should cheer. Only 45 more ponds to go.  I am beginning to notice changes in my body.  Little definition here, less of a bulge there.  I keep telling myself time is my friend.   As I am thinking about the process of getting to the point I am at, and were I want to get back to, I realize my real goal is to develop a sustainable strategy of eating and exercise that I can carry on throughout life.  I have two and a half years before I hit 50 (scary thought), and my goal is to hit 50 in better shape than I hit 30.  That means consistent exercise, healthy eating, solid relationships, and meaningful work.  At this point, P90X is a key part in getting were I want to be in life.  I'll keep you posted on the battle.

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Mike said...

Keep pushing play, you have a great goal. 50 is a big milestone, I don't care what anyone says.