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P90X Day 2 - Can you say Plyometrics

Ok, sleeping last night was hard.  Every time I rolled over or tried to push myself up in bed my arms screamed out.  Day 1 was still hitting me.  But once again the alarm went off at 5:30 am.  Today I found myself jumping, bouncing, basically it was almost an hour of sweating.  Wow!  I again did my best.  I couldn't do it all, but I tried it all, and I did it as long as I could until I could do no more.  I would rest for a few seconds and jump back in.  I wanted to through up as it all ended.  Arms still sore from the day before, and know the rest of me wiped out.  Drinking water like mad, sweating it all out, making my lunches and eating according to plan.  Two down and Eighty Eight more to go.  I found myself walking around the house making the P90X sign with my arms.  My wife and kids think I am a nut.  I feel like This is going to be a long haul.  They say no pain no gain.  I am just hoping my arms are ready for tomorrow.  Not sure what shoulders and arms will be all about, but my arms are hurting.

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Justin said...

Congrats on making the commitment to your health this year. P90X is tough for the whole 90 days, but the soreness will lessen quite a bit after a few weeks and you'll be pleasantly surpised at how quickly you gain strength. the exciting time is around day 30 when you start to see some dramatic differences in your shape. Hopefully the family will get excited and get behind you as they see some results. If you need some support, the Team Beachbody online community is great. Good luck on your journey - it's totally worth the pain and time you'll put into it.

Beachbody Coach