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P90X – Starting to feel the Difference, Week 3

I just finished Plymetrics for the third time, so I am now 16 days into the program.  I was up way to late last night finishing financials for work so today felt tougher than last week, but I am starting to see and feel the results.  First, I am not as sore as I was the first to weeks, I am recovering more quickly after the workouts, I am starting to feel more like an athlete again, the moves are becoming more natural, and the weight is starting to come off.  I started at 231lbs. on day one.  Now on day 16 I weighed in before working out at 217lbs.  That is a 14 pound weight loss.  The work outs are long and hard, but worth it.  I feel more relaxed, my wife says I have color in my face that wasn’t there, and the bulge is slowly starting to disappear.  I am becoming more flexible each day.  Kind of cool.  My middle son is now doing it as well, I guess he can’t let me become more fit than he is.  Also noticed that my blood pressure is coming down.  What was 144/98 was 128/77 last week. 12 more days and I am done with the first 30 days.  Funny but I can’t wait to take pictures.

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