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Living Healthy Requires a Plan

Today at work I spent a large amount of time focused on strategic planning. I looked at my vision for my company, the values that need to be embraced, the goals and objectives, and finally the path steps to get us to were we want to be. It is easy for me to think clearly and strategically in regards to my business and for me is enjoyable. However, on my way home I was struck by the fact that in the area of Healthy Living I have not done the work of creating a vision of what Healthy Living would look like for me. I have not thought through what it is I value in live and want to pursue. There are no goals listed regarding what I hope to obtain health wise. And sadly, there is not a single path step. No wonder I an so easily knocked off course, in fact, how can I be knocked off course if I have no destination.

Developing a strategic plan regarding healthy living should not take much time, and good plans are constantly being fine tuned and revised, so you don't have to worry about having it perfect. Part of my vision is to outlive my Dad who died at 56. I am forty three and have 13 years to pull it off. My vision also needs to include my desire to stay active in things such as surfing and hiking, hobbies like photography and ceramics, and developing relationships that challenge me and stimulate my thinking. I know I value friends and immediate family, I value looking attractive (which I don't right now), I value being productive and creative. The list goes on. Once the vision and values are down somewhere in writing, the short term goals should start to fall in place. I may not climb to the top of a mountain this year, but a starting point might be to go on a 20 mile backpack trip this year. You get the just of it.

I spend a great deal of time and energy thinking about how to make my business successful for the owners. It only makes sense that I would take the skills I have developed in the area of planning and create the most important plan of all, one that allows me to move closer to living healthy in an unhealthy world.

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