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Your Not 18 Any More

There I was, the sun was shining, my new running shoes were laced up, I had my wife's watch, and I was ready to blast through my 20 minute work out. I figured for a first time out I would cover a little more then 2 miles, after all, I could easily knock of 6 minute miles in college. So off I went, and after about 40 seconds I could tell I wasn't 18 any more, or 20 or even 30 for that matter. The lungs started to cry out, stop, stop. Then the legs started to protest. What was wrong, I had barley run the length of a football field and I was ready to shut down. Not the way I wanted my first workout to go. Slowing way down, my goal was to pick up my feet in something that resembled a jog for 20 minutes. It didn't matter to me that people walking were keeping pace with me, the goal was nothing short of 20 minutes. I am not sure if the batteries in my wife's watch were bad or if time just stood soon, but that was the longest 20 minutes of my life, and somehow I made it.

It was obvious to me that my training plan might need to be adjusted. I quickly started to check out some of the experts ideas on beginning to run again. I was surprised to see that many suggested a walk/run program with more on the walking initially then the running. There were a few that said to go for it, but most said to play it safe. The benefits are slowly building up to it, reduced injury potential, less pain initially means I might stick with it. One of my favorites comes from Runners World, and is worth a look. It comes with a weekly schedule so you don't even have to think that much. Living Healthy is something that needs to be sustained over time. So rather than thinking I am 18 and getting hurt right away, I might as well act like the 43 year old I am and start out slow. Maybe slow and steady really will win the race. In this battle to be Healthy, I hope so.

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