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Remember your youth

Today I found myself outside watching my 14 year olds semi-final soccer match.  It is said that in a soccer game the midfielder's can easily run 5+ miles.  What struck me was how they were running without appearing that they were affected in anyway by the effort they were exerting.  Perhaps it was the almost 70 matches they have played this year, or the fact that not one of them had an ounce of extra body fat on them.  These soon to be men, boys are the picture of healthy.  Bodies utilizing their fuel to produce the energy needed to complete the task assigned.

Not to long ago (well longer then I want to admit) I too was able to run from dawn to dusk, place super human demands on my body, and accomplish almost every physical task I undertook.  What a change when I look at the Me of today.  I carry extra weight, do not efficiently use the fuel I give my body, tire in mid-task, and have difficulty more than I would care to admit accomplishing a few of the tasks I set out to complete.  The interesting thing is each of us can move towards the IMGP0653energy, vitality and good health that the 14 year olds I watched have.  We can gain control of our situation.

 While waiting for the soccer game to start I found myself in a book store reading Men's Health.  My eye was caught by the story of a man in his mid 30's who woke up one morning at 300 pounds.  He decided he was going to change his situation.  He cut his calories in half, started eating good foods (not fast food and candy), and began to exercise an hour a day.  After 5 years he is now 175 pounds and just completed a marathon.  There is nothing that says anyone is stuck where they are in regards to health and fitness.  Each of us can gain control and change our current situation. For me, it is a battle worth fitting.  I probably will never be able to play soccer at the level I saw today, but I can reclaim good health.

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