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Insanity Workout Day 25 - Cardio Recovery

The alarm started to ring, it was already 5:30. How could that be? I hit the snooze and somehow hoped another 10 minutes would do the trick. It didn't! As I turned of the alarm I went through my checklist ritual. Rolling my ankles, contracting my calves, then my quads, and on up the body. As I went I kept telling myself it's recovery workout, no cardio. Throwing on my shorts I head downstairs to focus on a better me. How is it that deep breathing feels like work, deep muscle work, squats, pulses, just add to making me sweat. Yet, somehow half way through I start to feel better, looser, still tired, but my body feels good and I am once again glad that I didn't stay in bed.

Tip for the day: push yourself to get up and workout. You will be glad you did.

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The Grouch Potato said...

What happened to your INSANITY blog? Did you finish the program?