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Diet Obstacles

Today I will need to put all of my tricks to overcoming obstacles to work.  Once a month all of the facility managers come together for a regional meeting.  Looking at the tables you find a dieters, or healthy person's nightmare.  Walking in I will find the morning fare of Costco Muffins - High in Carbs, Fat, Calories, etc...  On the tables will be every kind of candy I crave.  The cooler will be packed with soft drinks.  Lunch will be provided and is out of my control to determine what is purchased.  Following work we usually head out to the local bar to unwind, catch up, and debrief over a few stiff drinks.  So how can a person navigate?

Here are a few things I am in the process of doing, and I'll report back tomorrow on how well it worked.

  • I have made myself a large breakfast of things I am able to eat, and made sure I am full.
  • I will be taking a few snacks with me like cheese sticks and peanuts, to help me avoid the candy.
  • I will push the candy bowls out of my reach and try to sit next to someone else who is trying to avoid the pitfalls.
  • I will do whatever it takes to get a salad ordered for lunch instead of pizza, pasta, etc...
  • I will grab a few bottles of water before I get to the meeting
  • I will limit myself to two glasses of red wine tonight and if dinner is involved order something that works off the menu.
  • I will tell myself all day, that the long term goal is more important than the short term gratification.

I was successful at last months meeting.  We will see how it goes this month.  I am a little more tired which sometimes leads to less will power.  It is worth the battle.

1 comment:

FatBlokeThin said...

Best of luck Rick. Its good to see your motivaton is still high - situations that are out of your control are definitely the worst but good prep will get you through!

I am enjoying your blog.