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Weight Loss and Self Esteem

An interesting thing has been happening as I lose weight on my diet.  Not only is my blood pressure decreasing and my blood chemistry coming back in line, I have found I am feeling better about myself.  I always felt I had a good self esteem, but looking back I realize I was becoming disgusted with how I looked and felt it reflected on who I was.  I was also becoming increasingly frustrated about not being able to participate in activities that I normally found enjoyable, like soccer with my kids, running, and even hiking.

However, with the loss in weight I am finding my attitude about myself is changing.  I feel like I am able to be in control of things that have controlled me in the past.  I like looking in the mirror and seeing progress towards how I want to look.  Again, there are many benefits to losing a few pounds and this is just another on.  I am enjoying the side benefits of starting to live more healthy.

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