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Winning at Weight Loss

I found myself getting a little discourage with my attempt to lose 45 pounds this last week.  Obviously I would like to see it melt off instantly, but as I have mentioned in earlier posts sustained weight loss usually occurs in those who have changed their lifestyle and reached their goal slowly over time.  So to get myself out of the funk I was in I started to ask myself the same questions I ask when I run into similar feelings with my plans/strategies at work.

  1. Is the goal specific - Have I really defined what I am shooting for?  In my case the goal is bigger then weight loss, it is about brining my metabolism back on line, changing my blood chemistry, and living healthy.
  2. Is the goal attainable - Can I really make it happen?  If the goal is to drop 20 pounds by tomorrow, you probably won't be successful.  If the goal is to reduce your calorie intake by 500 cal per day, now you might make it.  If it is to lose 1 pounds per week over over 45 weeks, you have a fighting chance.
  3. Does the goal allow for setbacks - In other words, what happens if you fall short? Do you give up and quit or does your goal allow for the ups and downs of life?  For me and weight loss there will be weeks of 1 pound loss followed by weeks of one pound gains.  Sometimes I might have a three pound loss and be back on track.  Perfection is not my goal.

If you are like me you can be easily discouraged and want to give up.  The trick is to see the long term goal and the outcome it will produce, recognizing that it is worth pursuing.  Short term focus, while necessary, has a tenancy to trip us up.  It is worth the battle.

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