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Google Pedometer

Now that I am trying to be more healthy by doing some exercising I find myself jumping into my car to figure out how far I went.  My problem is a lot of my walking or jogging takes place on trails my car can't go.  I also find that driving my car around to log mileage is not as practical with gas up above $3.35 a gallon.  So leave it to Google to use add a feature to their map program and create a Gmaps Pedometer.  You can record your route, have it determine your distance and calories burned.  You can save it, print it, share it, you name it.  It even calculates for an out and back route.  Now I can figure out where to go on a five mile walk or run.  If I am traveling I can figure out a route from my hotel before I even get there.  It is very cool and I am sure has many more uses than I am even thinking of.  Log on and give it a try.  Great job Google, this is a huge help in my Battle to Live Healthy

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