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South Beach Week 3

Another week down and a few more pounds dropped.  This week allowed for the reintroduction of fruits and carbs back into the diet.  I have to admit, with the first two weeks calling foods high in sugar bad, it was almost scary to add them back in.  I have been very limited in how much fruit and bread I eat as I try to figure this part of the diet out.  I went mostly with a piece of 8 grain toast and red grapes.  The toughest part of the week was a party at our house last weekend. Chips, pasta salads, french fries, cheese cake, brownies, more chips, beer, wine, and hamburger buns, made it hard to find the vegetables and chicken. They were there but you had to look hard. Yes, I had a brownie, and a couple of chips.  The real problem was the beer, after two weeks of no alcohol I went overboard and really indulged in this area.  However, after my slip up I went right back on the diet and continued on.

I find that I love grilling food on the BBQ.  I just like the taste better.  Even veggies taste better that way. I am also getting smarter in how I store food before freezing.  I am anticipating nights that I will need to eat differently from the rest of my family and as a result am putting single steaks in a freezer bag so I don't have to thaw full slabs and then figure out how to deal with it.  My wife is also enjoying the fact that I am cooking and tries to have me cook for the entire clan a few times a week.  I am beginning to find it enjoyable. 

So, week three found me weighing in at 214lbs this morning. for my height of 5'11" that puts me at a Body Mass Index of 28.4. I am now officially overweight and not obese (not sure if that is something to cheer about or not).  That is a three pound drop from last week and 16 pounds overall. My birthday is June 4th, and while I won't be under 200lbs by then it sure would be great if I could get down to 205.  Anyway, I have been lax on any kind of exercise, so adding that back in should make a difference.  Although, adding muscle actually increases weight.  Still, I feel a lot better.  It is definitely worth the battle.

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