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Simple Ways to Increase Stress

At work we just completed a very stressful stretch of time.  In the Long Term Care industry we are evaluated constantly by a variety of outside agencies regarding our quality of care, documentation, floor practice, etc... Jobs are lost as a result of state surveys, fines are levied, and reputations made or destroyed.  Our annual survey was last week and the stress level went through the ceiling.  This process made me think about all the other thing in life that can cause stress so I thought I would share a few from my life, in hopes that I won't allow them to affect me so greatly the next time I face them.

  • Starting a conversation about home finances with your wife, 10 minutes before leaving for work
  • Being late to a social engagement
  • Paying Bills
  • A/R review meetings
  • Firing employees
  • Presenting to shareholders or owners
  • Trying to make everyone happy
  • Unannounced visits from your boss
  • Announced visits from your boss
  • Performance Evaluations
  • My Diet
  • The growing home repair list
  • Kids needs and wants
  • Buying gifts for my wife - I want to find the perfect one
  • Car repairs
  • Being pulled over by the Police
  • Subpoenas

This is just a small list of things that cause my blood pressure to go up.  However, I have found that with a plan ahead of time I am able to navigate the issue that causes stress, and minimize the impact.  Stress isn't necessarily bad, it usually is the alarm that tells me I need to get focused and get moving.  It actually is responsible for the success I have in life and at work.  But left uncontrolled it can rob you of living healthy over time.  It is just another battle I am facing, and on worth figuring out how to win.

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