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Reducing Blood Pressure Without Medication

Once again I am seeing the results of living Healthy in a reduction in Blood Pressure. I have just finished my third week of a eating live style change (diet) that is focused on weight loss, and changing my blood chemistry.  As mentioned earlier I have high cholesterol, triglycerides, am pre-diabetic and my blood pressure has crept up beyond acceptable limits.  My goal through a change in my eating habits is to change each of these problem areas and bring them back into control.  In addition I have added mild forms of exercise back into my life.  Walking the dog, hikes in the mountains and along the local rivers.  I have cut way back on alcohol use and after three weeks am seeing the results. 

I take my blood pressure first thing in the morning to keep the time consistent, and also before the stress of the day starts to build.  In three weeks I have seen a drop in 15 points systolic and 10 points diastolic.  I am almost back in the acceptable range in both categories.  This is quicker and beyond what I expected.  I am living proof that eating right and staying active can make a difference.

My goal is to continue with the change in my eating habits indefinitely and to add intensity to my exercise over time.  What I am going for is something that I can sustain the rest of my life and right now working out at the gym 5 days a week is not sustainable, but brisk walks are.  It is worth the changes in diet and lifestyle to know I am becoming healthier day by day.  My 44th birthday is three weeks away.  My plan is that on my 45th birthday I will be 45 pounds lighter, that my blood chemistry will be in line, and that my blood pressure will be controlled naturally.  It is so worth the battle.

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