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Insanity Workout Day 13 - Pure Cardio/Cardio Abs

I killed it on Pure Cardio today. I started by blasting through all three sets of the warm up (a first), and then I stayed up through the rest. I wasn't at the same speed as Shaun T, and did take a few breaks, but I would say I performed at a 7 out of 10 today. It felt great. I sweat lots, and I couldn't wait for Cardio Abs.

Truth is! I probably should have waited for the abs. I could do all the standing workouts, but once we hit the floor I was out of my element. Could have been I was trying to get the form down, or could be I have no abs or real core to work from. I went from feeling great to discouraged in a minute. Might take me a few more weeks to go from 220 couch potato to 178 lean, mean, with rock abs. At least I am on my way. Must have been 2lbs of sweat on the mat today. Monday is the fit test. I am moving through it quickly.

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