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Insanity Workout Day 10 -Cardio Circut

I woke up today thinking it was the recover cardio day. All day yesterday my knees hurt from the jumping, I felt tired, and I was wanting something that sounded easy. Easy being "Recover." foolish I know, because the recover DVD was anything but easy last week. However, when I pulled out my calendar, imagine my surprise when it said circuit instead. My initial thought was "No Way! ". So reluctantly I put it, put on my shoes and hit the play button. I was amazed as I made it all the way through the three cycles of warm ups. I may not of matched their speed, but I made it through the routines without pulling out. The rest of the work out I pushed hard to complete. When it came to the arms I could make it through the first interval ok, but after that I needed the breaks. All and all this was my best day yet. I am smiling, sweating, and looking forward to a day of challenges. No that is Insanity for me.

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