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Insanity Workout Day Two

It's dark outside as my alarm wakes me up. I can feel the ache in my left hamstring from yesterday. The voice inside my head asks, "what are you doing?". I lay there a few seconds longer and I answer, "I am ensuring a fit life for myself,". With that I drag my sorry self down stairs and subject myself to 41 minutes of Plyometric Cardio. When the warm up circuit kills you it means trouble. My word for the day was modify. No way could I do it all, so I didn't. I pushed when I could, slowed the pace when I needed and rested when I had to. 15 minutes later I am still sweating and feeling that great glow. Only 61 days left. Here's to a better, stronger, fitter, me. You should try it.

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1 comment:

Claire Kayser said...

Way to go! Keep going! I start in two days!!!